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House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016

House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

When most people are asked if they would like to know the secrets of effective house cleaning that doesn’t take up hours and hours of their busy lives they would of course say yes.

The average homeowners are busy people. Full time jobs, kids & pets don’t leave a lot of leisure time. And when people do finally get some spare time, they obviously don’t want to spend it all cleaning their home.

In this article we are going to discuss simple cleaning hacks that can save the average busy home owner hours from their weekly cleaning commitments.

Have Your Tools & Cleaning Supplies Positioned Strategically Throughout Your Home

Cleaning tools for the house.First of all, you cannot effectively clean your house if you do not have the right tools and a full supply of cleaning solutions in stock.

If you have a multi story home, you will want to keep a set of supplies for each floor, so that you don’t waste precious time and energy running from one floor to another just to get the glass cleaner.

This also goes for vacuum cleaner. Have the most powerful one on the floor where there is the most traffic, and keep a lighter one where there aren’t as many dirty feet and paws walking and running over the carpets. But always be prepared to call professional carpet cleaning Wandsworth company.

The same holds true for mops, dusters, and everything else, keep them strategically placed around your home.

Once you have a full arsenal of supplies for each floor, pat yourself on the back, you are already much better off than you were when you had one can of toilet bowl cleaner for three floors!

While different people prefer using different cleaning products and tools, as a general rule of thumb, every household should have the following cleaning supplies:

. All-purpose cleaning spray

. Bleach

. Toilet cleaner

. De-greaser

. Scouring powder

. Paper towels

. Nylon-bristle scrub brush with a short handle

. Window cleaner

. Newspaper for mirrors and windows

. furniture polish

. garbage bags

. mops

. vacuum cleaner or cleaners

Top Tip

A great tip to make your cleaning time more bearable is to listen to music.

Music can really help to keep you in good spirits, especially when you have been cleaning for hours and hours.

The Dreaded Red Wine Stain

One of the most important elements of most peoples homes is the cleanliness of their carpets. It’s most peoples worse nightmare when they spill or see someone spill red wine! While there are many tips and tricks available online for removing this type of stain, the most effective is to use salt.

By sprinkling a thick layer over the affected area and then leaving for an hour will ensure the salt absorbs the wine, making brushing away the dried red wine particles easy. It’s important to note that the quicker the affected area is sprinkled with salt the better.

We hope you have found the article useful and can utilize at least one tip to save you some cleaning time, allowing you to do something relaxing and enjoyable instead!

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